(Pregnant) Life Is A Rollercoaster

Today, I am just having what I guess you can call ‘one of those days’.

The day started off well. I woke up and felt motivated to do an early morning home workout (I had planned to do this but there have been many days where I have chose to turn the alarm off and stay in bed instead!) so before I had a chance to change my mind I got out of bed, got dressed and headed downstairs.

I planned out what I was going to do, put a good playlist on (very important!) and began the workout. Well, almost straight away I knew something didn’t feel quite right. Almost as soon as I started moving I felt really lightheaded & dizzy, and my heart rate felt like it had gone sky high.  I finished off the exercise (squats) I was doing and then paused for a moment and took on some water to see if that helped. Luckily, I felt a bit better so I decided to carry on. I attempted the next exercise (modified burpees) and that did not go well. Again, pretty much as soon as I started the dizziness came back and I just felt really out of breath. I sat down, took on some water and decided to call it a day.

At first I felt frustrated, but then realised I had made a big mistake in not having anything to eat before I started to exercise. I used to do fasted exercise all the time before I was pregnant, and have even done it a couple of times since but today, my body was having none of it.

It was a big reminder of how different things are now, and that certain things that were easy before are now the complete opposite, some days even going for a walk can knacker me out! But don’t worry, I am not beating myself up about it at all, and I do keep telling myself that my body is already working hard enough to grow a baby and keep it healthy, and that anything extra I do is just a bonus.

I can’t really explain it, but then for the rest of the day I just felt a bit ‘ weird’ and something didn’t feel quite right. I felt super tired, hormonal, constantly hungry and kept getting dizzy spells. I think it knocked me more than usual as I thought I was over this rubbishy bit – after feeling pretty lousy for most of my 1st trimester I was finally feeling more energised and like my old self, then bam I woke up today and felt like I had gone back in time. But again, it was just a big old reminder of how pregnancy is a rollercoaster, and until the day starts you never really know how you are going to feel.

What I am also learning, is that pregnancy is a completely unique journey, and no two are the same. I have spoken to friends, read forums, books etc and everyones experiences are different;

Some women feel completely rotten for their entire first trimester, others don’t even know they are pregnant.

Some women can still run marathons when they are pregnant, some women can’t exercise at all due to exhaustion.

Some women absolutely love being pregnant, and some women really struggle for the entire time.

But as long as you are doing YOUR best, listening to YOUR body, and YOU and YOUR baby are healthy, that is all that really matters.

So if you are reading this and feeling the same, please just go easy on yourself & make sure you listen to your body even more than before. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place to push yourself during a workout, but when you are growing a tiny human that it certainly not one of them!

I really wanted to have a productive & energetic day today.  I wanted to do my home workout and then go for a run later for my daily outside exercise, but right now.. as I am writing this with my feet up on the sofa, I really don’t feel like doing much else (apart from maybe bake some cookies!) So I am just going to take the pressure completely off and see how I feel later, and if all I can manage is a walk, then so be it. And I will try again tomorrow!

Lots of love

Jordan xx







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