London Marathon Training – Week 3

Well it only took me until week 3 to get behind with the blog update, whoops! A couple of days late but here is a little round up of Week 3 – I will warn you, it wasn’t particularly eventful, but not every week can be filled with races and PBs! Anyway, now that I have really enticed you into reading this… Enjoy!

Week 3 – WC 21st January 2019 


AM – Easy/Recovery 3 Miles

PM – Steady 7 Miles

You know the drill by now, its time for another double day! The previous week was a big one for me, and my legs were certainly feeling it on Monday morning. The 3 miles really dragged and I’ll be honest I really wasn’t looking forward to running again in the evening. But whadda you know, by the time the evening rolled around it felt like I had a new pair of legs! I did my usual route (I am very boring!) and the miles ticked by nice and quickly – the complete opposite to how the morning felt!

I do usually go to the gym on Monday and was due to go to with a friend in the evening (I usually go first thing!) But after walking in and seeing how busy it was, I sat on a mat for approximately 5 minutes, moaned, and quickly left. Note to self – don’t attempt the gym on a Monday evening in January! 



AM – Strength Training

PM – Club Night – Track 

After an early start coaching down at the track with mycrew I then headed to the gym to do my strength session I missed on Monday. I have started including Squats & Deadlifts into my sessions, and although its only been a few weeks, I am definitely noticing the difference & feeling stronger already!

Earlier in the week the weather really started to turn, which unfortunately meant the track turned into an ice rink, meaning we had to abandon our evening session and head over to the muddy, wet common instead (not impressed!) I was actually a little gutted as was really looking forward to heading back to the track, and I think it affected me a bit mentally – I really couldn’t be bothered! But, I was there, so I got it done! We ended up doing 8 x 2.30 minute efforts, with 60 second recovery.

This was also when I realised how much my legs were aching from the weekends efforts, so rather than being hard on myself for not giving 100%, I just ticked it off as another session down.



AM – Easy/Recovery 3 Miles

PM – Steady 6 Miles 

I’ll be honest, I am really not a fan of these easy morning runs. I’m tired, and they are always the day after a hard run so the last thing my legs want to do is run, but I am really starting to notice the benefit when I head out again in the evening… so they are worth it (or at least thats what I keep telling myself!) 

Same old same old again, another lonely 6 miles out and back to Clapham Common. It was dark, cold but I got the miles done and managed to keep a pretty good pace too, well once my legs had warmed up!

N.B If you have made it this far, well done! I really do feel like I need to apologise about how boring this week has been – but sometimes thats the reality of marathon training! 



AM – Gym – Strength Training 

PM – Club Interval Session

Our Thursday club session was a little different this week, due to the National Cross Country Champs taking place on Saturday (SO GUTTED I MISSED IT) we skipped the usual hill session and once again headed over to the common (oh joy) for some speedy intervals.

I am still getting used to training with larger groups of people, it definitely has its benefits but can also mess with your head a little bit too! A lot of the men I train with are really really quick (a lot faster than me!) so a lot of the time I find myself at the back of the training group, which mentally can be hard. I automatically feel like I am running slower than I am, but 9/10 I am actually running the pace I should be, sometimes even quicker! Training with people that are quicker than you certainly can have its advantages & disadvantages but right now I find that it pushes me to work that little bit harder




The best day. Enough said!



AM – Clapham Common Parkrun

One of my favourite days of the week, parkrun! This week I headed over to Clapham Common for the first time, and the best bit was meeting up with some of my PMGCoaching crew! During my time as a runner, I have learnt that you physically cannot go out every single week and run a PB and that some weeks you’ve just got to do your best and not get caught up on time. This was certainly one of those weeks. I didn’t have a bad run as such, but I was over a minute slower than the week before – just shows what a heavy week of training can do to your legs! A couple of years ago this would have REALLY bothered me and probably put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day (not even kidding) but again, I just ticked it off as another session done, and more miles in the bank!



AM – Long Run (19 miles) 

We all have them, those sessions that you dread or at least look at and think ‘oh shiiiiiiiit’ – this was one of those! The plan was 5k @ Easy pace, 10k @ Marathon Pace, 5k @ Easy pace, 10k @ Marathon Pace, Cool Down.  Easy right?

It’s funny, although I have ran quicker than my marathon pace in recent races and for longer distances, when they are built into a long run like this they always seem so much more daunting (anyone else agree with this?) but, it was on the plan, so it had to be done!

Luckily I didn’t have to attempt this on my own! A friend from my new club is also training for London and has similar goals to me, which is great as it means we can train together and can help push each other when it gets tough!

I can honestly say that was the hardest long run I had ever done in marathon training. The first 10 miles flew by and I felt really comfortable during the first block of marathon pace miles, but by the time the second block came around I was really having to dig deep to stay on pace. We decided to head to Battersea Park so we could run laps without having to worry about stopping for traffic etc. Surprisingly I didn’t actually mind this, although there is a serious GPS issue around that area so it was really hard to gauge how accurate our splits were (first world problems, I know!) and it was also really really windy… but as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

By the time we had reached our final cool down mile, I was well and truly done. I felt exhausted! But overall I was really pleased with how the run went, and off the back of a hard week, and my highest mileage week it was a big confidence boost!

65 miles for the week. 3 weeks down, 13 weeks to go!

Jordan xx







4 thoughts on “London Marathon Training – Week 3

  1. Nicky Morgan says:

    Keep up the good work, loving the references to my old training ground which I know is coincidental. Good mileage week and that Sunday run, ouch !!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ari Scott says:

    I’ve also noticed that MP is harder to do when it’s built into another run – yet I can run faster than that for an entire half marathon and it doesn’t feel as hard.


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