#RoadToBerlin – Week 1

Hi Guys!

I am going to be sharing my training with you all over the next 16 weeks on the lead up to the Berlin Marathon. Each week I will try to focus on a different session of my training, and hopefully you will find it useful if you are training for your own marathon, or just in general!

My 16 week plan has been provided by Team Project Run and after reading through it all last week, I am certainly going to be put through my paces! The plan is bespoke to me, my running and my goals. Something that a generic online plan is unable to offer. Whether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced runner looking to improve their times I can 100% recommend signing up to Team Project Run. Having a knowledgable coach, a very supportive team & a training plan created for me helped to take a lot of the stress away of training for a marathon & allowed me to focus 100% on my training sessions & my races. If you have any questions please drop me an email via my Contact Me page and I will be happy to answer!

Monday 28/05/18


Now unfortunately, not every Monday is going to be this exciting, but what better way to kick off my training block then with a 10k Race.finisher photo

I was using this race as a way to see what sort of shape I was in to kick off my training, and was over the moon that I managed to achieve a PB of 37.53. It definitely gave me a huge confidence boost and made me feel excited about what to come! Check out my race review if you want to read how I got on!


Tuesday 29/05/18

Gym – Bootcamp Class (AM)

Run – 4 miles @ 7.15-7.45 pace// Strides (4 x 50m)

Considering I raced on Monday, I was pleased with how good my legs felt! I headed to the gym in the morning for my weekly Bootcamp class. This is something I did every week during my London Marathon training and I believe it really helped to make a difference to my fitness & strength so I will continue to do the same for this training block. Listening to your body is key during marathon training, so if I feel tired or feel like I need to take a step back, then I will do so.strides

In the evening I headed out with my friend Mick for a chatty 4 miles & finished my run with some strides. Strides are a fantastic way to flush out your legs at the end of the run, and also to really make you concentrate on your form! Click here for a fantastic article that explains why strides are important & how they can benefit your running!



Wednesday 30/05/18

Gym – Strength Session – Upper Body

Run – 6 Miles @ 7.15-7.45 pace

Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post next week, I am dragging my friend to the gym with me to take photos & videos so that I can do a gym workout routine and share what I do.easy run

Something I really struggle with sometimes is slowing down on my easier runs, I just seem to slip into a naturally quicker pace, and although this may not always be a bad thing, I need to make sure that I am making these easy runs easier so that I am not always pushing myself in my training sessions. This was one of those sessions I did get carried away, but I felt comfortable (although very hot!) and kept it steady. I am sure as my training goes on and my sessions get tougher I will find these easier runs a lot easier!

Thursday 31/05/18

Gym – Strength Session – Lower Body

Run – 5 Miles @ 7.00 – 7.30

I make no secret of the fact that I LOVE the gym! I really enjoy lifting weights & I know it has made a huge difference to my running, so it will always be something I include in my weekly training. As I was off work this past week I was also able to spend a bit more time on my session and headed to the squat rack for the first time in FOREVER!

In the evening I headed to the track to meet with another runner from my club, my plan said a steady 5, but ended up doing 7 (whoops!) But again, I was running comfortably and chatted the whole way round so we weren’t exactly pushing it, plus it was nice to have some company on a run! I do a lot of my sessions on my own, so it’s good to switch it up now and then!

Friday 01/06/18


Saturday 02/06/18

Adidas Training Camp

Again, not my usual Saturday! My training plan had a Park Run scheduled and I had the best intentions of heading out for a few miles once I got back from London. But after a 5.30am start and a very full on day in the blistering London sunshine I was exhausted, so I decided to skip my run. I felt guilty for about 2 seconds and then remembered that listening to your body is just as important as the training sessions itself so that guilt soon disappeared!lynsey sharp

Anyway, I will be doing a blog post all about my day at the Adidas Training Camp later this week, so I will save all the juicy details for then! But for now here is a photo of me and the incredible Lynsey Sharp – she was so lovely and down to earth and was really interesting to find out more about her training.


Sunday 03/06/18

3km Track Race

Wait, what? I’m training for a marathon, surely I should be doing my long run on a Sunday?! Have no fear.. the long runs are coming! But after speaking with my coach we have decided to tackle this marathon training block a little differently. I need to work on my speed endurance, so throughout the next 16 weeks I will be using shorter distance races as a more exciting way to get my speed training in.


A track race is a completely different ball game to a marathon or long distance event. It’s tactical, and fast from the word go! I had no idea who my competition was today, and I didn’t enter the race with any intention of winning, I just wanted to see what my legs could do! I had lots of great advice from more experienced track runners, and my original plan was to just try and stick with the lead pack and hang on for as long as I could! This happened for approximately 3 seconds before they set off at sub 5 minute mile pace!! Rather than getting carried away & trying to keep up, I stuck to my guns and at a pace I thought I would be able to maintain for the next 7 laps.

I finished in 4th position with a time of 10.25 – not too shabby for my first ever race! After wards I headed out for a few easy miles cool down with a team mate, my legs felt so heavy so it definitely did them some good!


Weekly Miles – 30

Gym Sessions – 3


Jordan xx



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