SolarBOOST Training Camp

SOLARBOOST - Tom Joy [ IMG_5073 ].jpgOn the 2nd June 2018 I was lucky enough to win a competition to attend the Adidas & Wiggle SolarBoost Training Camp down at the Olympic Stadium in London, to help celebrate the launch of the new SolarBoost trainer & to spend the day getting hints & tips about all things running – including nutrition, training techniques & hydration! It sounded like it was going to be a fantastic day, and not only that I was going to be spending it with some of my Instagram running chums – win win!


It was an early start, and by 7.45am crowds of runners were waiting around outside the Olympic Park, ready for a full on day all about our favourite thing – running! I love these events, it’s the one time that I can talk about running until my little heart is content and not worry about boring anyone or getting on anyones nerves (I have learnt to control this somewhat around the ‘muggles’ in my life, ha!) Soon enough we were being welcomed into the stadium, and headed to the first event of the day – Breakfast!

SOLARBOOSTThis was a great opportunity to speak to other runners and it was really great to finally meet Ben (@benparkes) his better half Sarah (@sarahplace1) and the most colourful woman I have ever met Hannah (@hannbeam)!

After breakfast we headed to the stands for the first event of the day, a talk all about the brand new SolarBoost trainers & finding out more about the technology they used in the shoes and what the benefits are. (Just a side note – I do not usually run in Adidas trainers, and I have not been paid or sponsored to give a review on the shoes – so this is a completely honest account!) My first impressions of the shoes were that they felt quite heavy, weighing in at 270g (this is for a UK 5.5) they are just over 100g heavier than the shoes I normally run in, and whilst that might not sound like a lot, when it comes to trainers that is a big difference! So I was intrigued to see how they would feel when we got the chance to run in them later on in the day.


Warm Up/Drills/Stretching


Nutrition with Angelique Panagos 

SOLARBOOSTAfter our warm up session, it was back in our seats to hear all about a runners second favourite subject – FOOD! Now after the last few months, nutrition is something I have started to take a lot more seriously, and I made some big changes to my diet on the lead up to the London Marathon, but it is always interesting to learn and I was keen to hear more tips & tricks that could help me to improve as an athlete.

SOLARBOOST - Tom Joy [ IMG_5654 ].jpg

Our meals for the day were also specially selected by Angelique and we got to enjoy lots of delicious food – I may have put a little bit too much on my plate, but there was so much good food it was hard to resist!


Core Stability Training with Lynsey Sharp

Now how often do you get to take part in a Core session with a GB Athlete?! I don’t know about you, but this isn’t something I do very often!

I get asked quite a lot what I do to work out my core, and if I am completely honest it is the one area I tend to neglect, the only time I really do specific ‘ab’ work is during my weekly Circuit class – and thats only because the instructor tells me to do it!


As a runner, core is extremely important, and not even talking aesthetically! Having a strong core can help to keep you to maintain a good posture whilst running, which can make you more efficient, and less chance of you wasting  precious energy – whether you are running 400m or a marathon!

Lynsey led two different core routines, and although short – my stomach was definitely feeling it by the end of the session! I have had requests to follow on my Upper & Lower body training posts with a Core routine… so, watch this space!

After the session Lynsey led a short Q&A session. I jumped at the chance to ask questions about her training & how she was feeling about the upcoming season! She was really down to earth & friendly.. another reminder that at the end of the day, even Elite athletes are just people that love running, like all of us!

Sweat Testing with Precision Hydration

As I have mentioned many times before, running, or at least running well is more than just about running. There are many different factors that can make all the difference on race day, and hydration is one of them.

Living in the United Kingdom we aren’t exactly blessed with the best weather all year round, but recently it just so happens that the hottest days of the year have fallen on some pretty important races (London Marathon, Vitality 10000) for me, so getting my hydration nailed is something I am keen to do so that I don’t struggle again (damn you paper cups!) 

The technology behind what Precision Hydration do is fascinating, and I was really interested to learn how sweaty, and how salty I was! Click here to watch a short video explaining how the sweat test works – this explains it a lot better than I would be able to!

After the tests, all of our results were downloaded and we were each given a personalised goodie bag full of Precision Hydration products that were best suited to our salt & sweat levels!



I am definitely going to use all of the advice I was given during my training for the Berlin Marathon, and for the day itself! As I will be doing the majority of my training sessions over the warmer summer months, making sure I stay hydrated is going to be key so it’s going to be interesting to see how much difference this makes! I will talk about this in more detail in future blog posts and letting you all know how I get on.



Customised Sole Creations with Solutions4Feet

I hate people touching my feet, so having a random stranger have hold of my foot and putting it in a plastic bag wasn’t exactly my idea of fun, but it was totally worth it!

On the day we were all lucky enough to receive a pair of heat moulded, custom made insoles. As I have always been a neutral runner, and never had any issues with footwear I have never really found the need to wear special insoles, but ones that are fitted perfectly to my feet can’t be a bad thing, can they?!

The process was simple, my foot was placed onto an insole, popped into a plastic bag, which was then heat moulded around my foot! Now whilst this wasn’t painful at all, it was definitely a strange sensation – and I felt like my foot was being shrink wrapped like a piece of meat!

The whole process took no time at all, and within 10 minutes I had a brand new pair of insoles that were 100% customised to my feet! The great thing about them is that they are suitable for any shoe, you just need to cut them down to size (you can use the original insole as a guide) 

I have been using them in my trainers since I got back, and although I never had any issues before, I have noticed it feels like I have more support in my inner arch as my insoles now go higher and offer that extra support.

If you have thought about getting customised insoles for your running shoes, I highly recommend Solutions4Feet!


Running Techniques with the Nielsen Sisters 

As the day was coming to an end, it was finally time for me to lace up and try out the new SolarBoost trainers as we were taking part in a running technique session led by two amazing GB athletes – Lina & Laviai Nielsen!

Once I had (finally!) found some trainers in my size, I was pleasantly surprised that although they felt quite heavy to hold, to run and walk in they felt very light & bouncy. Plus, they look pretty which is always a plus!


I was really looking forward to this session. I love track work and although I am a long distance runner, it is a staple in my marathon training, so I was excited to learn some tips & tricks from the pros! One thing that I have learnt recently is the importance of warming up properly before doing any speed or interval work – and this includes a mix of easy running, strides & dynamic stretching.. all of which we went through during our session.


After we did a full warm up, the fun really started.. and we got to try out some sprinting, and we were encouraged to try and think of all the techniques we used during our warm up – staying light on your feet, keeping upright and trying not to heel strike. The girls also explained how important it is to try and ‘relax’ when you are running – which is a lot harder than it sounds when you are trying to sprint down the 100m finish straight!

Unfortunately we only had time to do a few reps, which was a real shame as once we got started I was raring to go and would have loved to have done a full session! I was also told by the girls that I had a good sprinting form, so I will definitely take that!! Maybe once I am finished with marathons I will give track a proper go 😉


Thank you once again to Adidas & Wiggle for letting me be a part of such a fantastic day!


Jordan xxx


#RoadToBerlin – Week 2

Monday 04/06/18

Gym – Upper body
easy 5

Easy 5 Miles

Boyyyyyyyyy my legs were definitely feeling the effects of racing on the track! I haven’t had DOMs like that for a long bloody time, my quads felt like lead! It did feel good to go for a few shake out miles though, and I managed to keep it at a nice steady pace, result!

Tuesday 05/06/18

Gym – Bootcamp

Easy 4

Okay, so day two and my legs were feeling even worse! My quads were actually sore to touch! How can racing a 3km be more painful than running a marathon?! Anyway, I headed out for a very easy 4 miles with a friend and it honestly felt like a real struggle, I was just hoping my legs were going to feel better for Wednesday!

Wednesday 06/06/18

Grand Prix Series 5k

Every summer the local running clubs take it in turns to host a bi-weekly 5k race across various locations. It’s a fantastic race series, and one that attracts not only runners from the local area but further afield too! I went to this race with a goal, I am trying to not put as much pressure on myself but I wont lie and say there were two things I wanted to achieve at the race – break 18 minutes, and be the 1st woman to cross the line… and I managed to do both!!5k series.jpg

That was probably the best 5k run I have ever done, I managed to keep a consistent pace throughout and felt really strong, it was definitely a massive confidence boost, especially so early on in my training!


Mile 1 – 5.43

Mile 2 – 5.47

Mile 3 – 5.45

I then went to the pub and celebrated with a massive burger and a glass of wine, result!

Thursday 07/06/18

Gym – Lower Body

3 Mile Tempo (3 miles @ sub 20 pace)

A tempo run the day after getting my 5km PB?! This didn’t seem very fair! But guess what, during a marathon your legs get TIRED, so sometimes its good to push through that pain and train on tired legs, and most of the time you end up surprising yourself!

I had a mad day on Thursday, which included a 200 mile round trip to Heathrow airport straight after work, and I’ll be honest when I got home at 9pm I really wasn’t feeling it, but I’m so glad I made myself get out there!

Friday 08/06/18

REST DAY – I had a lie in (well, if 7am counts!) had a coffee in bed before work, had an afternoon nap before teaching Bootcamp and caught up with Love Island… PERFECT!

Saturday 09/06/18

Intervals – 3 x 2 miles (3 min recovery)2 mile efforts.jpg + WU/CD

Interval training is a key part of my training plan, in my opinion it is essential if you want to improve you running times & overall fitness and definitely should not be over looked. There are two key types of interval training which work different areas of fitness;

Aerobic Endurance Training –  These sessions tend to be longer, anything from 5 minutes, to a couple of miles. They are still meant to be hard, but rather than working at your max you should be working at around 60-80% of your max HR, enough to know that you are working hard, but not so hard that you feel like you might collapse at the end! These are key for marathon training, think Mo Farah!

Speed Training – These are typically shorter distances/times and require maximum effort to be beneficial, ideally you should be working at around 80-90% of your Max HR (or basically hard enough that you can’t talk!) So think sprints/track/short distance, channel your inner Usain Bolt!

My plan includes a mix of both of these. I have track and hill sessions ranging from 200m/30 seconds right up to this session.. 2 mile intervals!

A question I get asked quite a lot is how to get started with interval training, or how to push yourself during your efforts. If you do struggle to push yourself on your own, the best thing I can suggest is look into joining a local running club. It is a great way to introduce yourself into interval running, plus you have the added bonus of a coach and lots of other runners! Failing that, if I know I have a hard session planned, I make sure I have an awesome Spotify playlist ready to go! The right music can be a great way to get your legs going and help you push when it gets tough!

If you are brand new to interval training, then keep it simple. Here is an example of a session I did when I first started and I used to love it!

*In terms of pace, this will be different for everyone. But for a benchmark aim for your 5km PB pace for the efforts*

Warm Up – 10/15 minutes easy running 

1 minute effort – 3 min jog/walk recovery

2 minute effort – 3 min jog/walk recovery

3 minute effort – 3 min jog/walk recovery

4 minute effort – 3 minute jog/walk recovery

5 minute effort – 3 min jog/walk recovery 

Cool Down – 10/15 minutes easy running 

Sunday 10/06/18

14 Steady Miles

14 milerAnd the long Sunday runs are back! It was such a beautiful day on Sunday, and I headed out early doors with a friend and just enjoyed it! We covered road, trails, fields & chatted the whole way. For me these runs aren’t about pushing myself to breaking point, its just about getting the miles in & making it as enjoyable as possible! I’m actually looking forward to the longer ones (I know, I’m a weirdo!) BRING IT ON!




Weekly Miles – 45

Gym Sessions – 3


Jordan xx

Strength Training – Lower Body

If you follow my training on Instagram, then you will know that ‘LEG DAY’ is my favourite day in the gym! I love training legs and feeling myself get stronger, plus I always get a good sweat on!! Since adding weights into my weekly training plan I have noticed such a difference to my running, plus I haven’t suffered any injuries or niggles!

A question I get asked a lot is how to fit these sessions in around your running schedule. Personally I like to follow the approach of keeping the hard days hard, and the easy days easy (and after speaking to Lynsey Sharp at the Adidas training event last week she does the same!) So I tend to do my leg session on a Thursday morning, as Thursday evening is usually a speed or interval session, followed by a rest day on Friday. I have been training like this for a while now, so I do think my body is used to this way of working out, and I rarely suffer from DOMs (delayed onset muscless soreness) but if you are new to strength training, just be sensible and don’t go straight into double training days, build up gradually and let your body get used to this new way of working out!

Similar to my Upper Body blog post, if you are unsure of any of the exercises, then please either drop me a message, or head to YouTube!



10 x REPS of each – no rest in between


I don’t do a strict number of sets for this routine. I start at a lower weight (40kg) and add 10kg on each time, and basically go until failure. Sometimes I get to 100kg, sometimes not! Once I get to the higher weight I also tend to drop the number of reps to between 5-8. 

  • Adjust the seat so that your legs are at a right angle to begin with, and make sure you keep your feet flat on the base.
  • Keep your back against the chair and hold on to the handles
  • Fully extend the legs, but don’t lock your knees
  • Keep it nice and controlled, use the 1-2-3 counting method


  • Bring your feet to approx shoulder width and keep your feet pointing forward
  • It’s important to make sure you keep your heels on the floor, if you feel like you want to raise your heels, then don’t squat down as low to start with.
  • Keep your back straight & look forward




10 x REPS (each side)


  • Start with a lower weight – 20kg should be fine to start with
  • Place your foot on the base at angle (as above) and kneel on the chair (I find this the easiest way rather than sitting on the chair as you’re less tempted to put your other foot down!) 
  • Remember that slow and controlled method
  • WARNING  – you will really feel this in your bum!!!
  • Switch sides & repeat!
  • If possible, add minimum of 5kg on per set. But only do this once you are comfortable with the move.




10 x REPS (each side) – no rest between exercises


  • Place your back foot on a higher surface/step/box, make sure that you are on your toes and try to keep it as straight as possible.
  • Select a suitable weight, again it doesn’t need to be heavy!
  • Slowly, and controlled lower yourself into the lunge position, keeping your back straight and looking forward the whole time.
  • Repeat on the other side


  • I tend to do these as ‘walking lunges’ but if you want to keep them stationary, thats fine too!
  • The aim to to get both of your legs into that right angle position, with your back knee almost touching the floor.
  • Again, keep your back nice & straight and look forward – a trick I get my Bootcampers to do is pretend you are trying to balance a glass of wine on the top of your head, you don’t want to spill it so don’t be tempted to lean over!! 



3-5 SETS

10 x REPS


Personally, I find this the hardest exercise out of my whole routine. This works EVERYTHING. By the end of the sets your bum, legs & core will be screaming, and you will probably be sweating too!  

  • Place the bar over your hips, roughly where your hip bones are – if this is uncomfortable you can place a towel there for some extra padding! 
  • Make sure you have a good grip on the bar, and ensure your feet are planted flat on the floor.
  • Using the 1-2-3 method, slowly raise your hips & lower them back down
  • Try and keep your head & shoulders flat to the step/bench – to lower the intensity slightly you can do this on the floor.
  • Start with a lower weight until you feel comfortable with the exercise, but you will probably surprise yourself at how heavy you can go!




10 x REPS


Now I appreciate if you are new to the gym, or to this type of training this may look scary, but there are ways you can adapt it to make it slightly easier & build up to the full move.

If you are a beginner, then remove the ‘ninja squat’ and just start with building confidence jumping onto the box. You can also start with a lower box/step until you feel comfortable attempting to jump higher. 

This is a form of training called ‘Plyometric’ training, and is a great way to build power and strength (key for running!) so they have become a staple in my leg day routine. 


Similar to my other routine, I tend to do this in the morning before work, so it should take between 45-60 minutes to complete, and I always make sure I have time to stretch & do my resistance band exercises at the end of the session (I will do another post about these soon!) 


Jordan xx

Strength Training – Upper Body

These posts have been a long time coming, so firstly thank you for being patient, and I hope it was worth the wait! A question I get asked fairly regularly on Instagram is what I do when I head to the gym for my weekly gym sessions. First up – Upper Body!

Something you may not know about me, is that I am a qualified Personal Trainer & Fitness instructor, so if you do have any questions please drop me a message and I will be happy to help! I have tried to explain the exercises as best I can, and I hope the photos help, but if you are not sure then head over to YouTube and check out some videos (this is what I used to do!)

UPPER BODY  –  1 x week



10 x REPS


Don’t worry about going heavy to start with, if you are new to strength training I recommend a 10kg barbell. This exercise can also be done with dumbbells.

  • Fully extend your arms, but don’t lock out your elbows
  • Try and keep your back flat to the bench, and feet flat on the floor
  • Don’t rush the exercise, use slow controlled movements



10 x REPS


Set the bench to an incline position and switch to dumbbells. Again, don’t worry about going heavy. Start with a low weight, its always best to have to go heavier than struggle and drop weight!

  • Fully extend your arms, but don’t lock out your elbows
  • Try and keep your back flat to the bench, and feet flat on the floor
  • Don’t rush the exercise, use slow controlled movements



10 x REPS (each side)


With strength training, getting the exercise correct is more important than the weight. So don’t be tempted to go straight to the heavier weights. Make sure you keep your back straight & try not to twist your hips and shoulders when lifting the weight.

  • Fully extend your arms, but don’t lock out your elbows
  • Try and keep your back flat and feet flat on the floor
  • Don’t rush the exercise, use slow controlled movements. I tend to count 1-2-3 when lowering and lifting the weight.



10 x REPS of BOTH EXERCISES – *No rest inbetween



  • Use an overhand grip on the bar
  • Try to keep your chest upright & back straight
  • Keep elbows tucked in


  • Use an overhand grip on the bar. Bring your hands closer together so that your thumbs are almost touching
  • Stand up straight and look forward (rather than looking at the floor!)
  • Keep elbows nice and high!



10 x REPS of BOTH EXERCISES – *No rest inbetween


  • These exercises are a lot tougher than they look! I tend to drop my weight to around 4kg for this routine.
  • Have a nice neutral stance – a slight bend in the knee & a nice straight back!
  • Keep the exercise controlled. Again I use the 1-2-3 method.



10 x REPS of BOTH EXERCISES – *No rest inbetween


  • Again, technique is key here! Try and keep a nice straight back throughout the entire exercise, and keep your feet flat on the floor.
  • Use the 1-2-3 method to ensure the movement is controlled.
  • Do not go all the way back down the floor until you have completed the set.
  • Push ups are my nemesis! I am not being dramatic when I say it has taken me YEARS to be able to complete them, and they are still not perfect!
  • For beginners, complete on your knees, but still ensure that your back is straight. Imagine that you are trying to push your belly button to your back.
  • Don’t be disheartened if you find these tough, even if you can only complete one, the more you do it, the stronger you will get!



I have added these in, as this is something I have recently added to my routine. These are HARD and currently I can only manage 1 or 2 full pull ups before my arms give up on me!

But, without practice.. how do we improve?! So my challenge to you is to try at least one at the end of your session. Most gyms are also equipped with Pull Up Assistance machines, and if you are unsure how to use one, then a Gym Instructor should be able to help you.

I am still learning myself, so if anyone has any tips for these – then please let me know!

I tend to do my strength sessions in the morning before work, so I’m on a tight schedule! This routine will take around 45 minutes to complete, so there is no need to spend hours in the gym – and make sure you save some time for stretching too!


Jordan xx

#RoadToBerlin – Week 1

Hi Guys!

I am going to be sharing my training with you all over the next 16 weeks on the lead up to the Berlin Marathon. Each week I will try to focus on a different session of my training, and hopefully you will find it useful if you are training for your own marathon, or just in general!

My 16 week plan has been provided by Team Project Run and after reading through it all last week, I am certainly going to be put through my paces! The plan is bespoke to me, my running and my goals. Something that a generic online plan is unable to offer. Whether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced runner looking to improve their times I can 100% recommend signing up to Team Project Run. Having a knowledgable coach, a very supportive team & a training plan created for me helped to take a lot of the stress away of training for a marathon & allowed me to focus 100% on my training sessions & my races. If you have any questions please drop me an email via my Contact Me page and I will be happy to answer!

Monday 28/05/18


Now unfortunately, not every Monday is going to be this exciting, but what better way to kick off my training block then with a 10k Race.finisher photo

I was using this race as a way to see what sort of shape I was in to kick off my training, and was over the moon that I managed to achieve a PB of 37.53. It definitely gave me a huge confidence boost and made me feel excited about what to come! Check out my race review if you want to read how I got on!


Tuesday 29/05/18

Gym – Bootcamp Class (AM)

Run – 4 miles @ 7.15-7.45 pace// Strides (4 x 50m)

Considering I raced on Monday, I was pleased with how good my legs felt! I headed to the gym in the morning for my weekly Bootcamp class. This is something I did every week during my London Marathon training and I believe it really helped to make a difference to my fitness & strength so I will continue to do the same for this training block. Listening to your body is key during marathon training, so if I feel tired or feel like I need to take a step back, then I will do so.strides

In the evening I headed out with my friend Mick for a chatty 4 miles & finished my run with some strides. Strides are a fantastic way to flush out your legs at the end of the run, and also to really make you concentrate on your form! Click here for a fantastic article that explains why strides are important & how they can benefit your running!



Wednesday 30/05/18

Gym – Strength Session – Upper Body

Run – 6 Miles @ 7.15-7.45 pace

Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post next week, I am dragging my friend to the gym with me to take photos & videos so that I can do a gym workout routine and share what I do.easy run

Something I really struggle with sometimes is slowing down on my easier runs, I just seem to slip into a naturally quicker pace, and although this may not always be a bad thing, I need to make sure that I am making these easy runs easier so that I am not always pushing myself in my training sessions. This was one of those sessions I did get carried away, but I felt comfortable (although very hot!) and kept it steady. I am sure as my training goes on and my sessions get tougher I will find these easier runs a lot easier!

Thursday 31/05/18

Gym – Strength Session – Lower Body

Run – 5 Miles @ 7.00 – 7.30

I make no secret of the fact that I LOVE the gym! I really enjoy lifting weights & I know it has made a huge difference to my running, so it will always be something I include in my weekly training. As I was off work this past week I was also able to spend a bit more time on my session and headed to the squat rack for the first time in FOREVER!

In the evening I headed to the track to meet with another runner from my club, my plan said a steady 5, but ended up doing 7 (whoops!) But again, I was running comfortably and chatted the whole way round so we weren’t exactly pushing it, plus it was nice to have some company on a run! I do a lot of my sessions on my own, so it’s good to switch it up now and then!

Friday 01/06/18


Saturday 02/06/18

Adidas Training Camp

Again, not my usual Saturday! My training plan had a Park Run scheduled and I had the best intentions of heading out for a few miles once I got back from London. But after a 5.30am start and a very full on day in the blistering London sunshine I was exhausted, so I decided to skip my run. I felt guilty for about 2 seconds and then remembered that listening to your body is just as important as the training sessions itself so that guilt soon disappeared!lynsey sharp

Anyway, I will be doing a blog post all about my day at the Adidas Training Camp later this week, so I will save all the juicy details for then! But for now here is a photo of me and the incredible Lynsey Sharp – she was so lovely and down to earth and was really interesting to find out more about her training.


Sunday 03/06/18

3km Track Race

Wait, what? I’m training for a marathon, surely I should be doing my long run on a Sunday?! Have no fear.. the long runs are coming! But after speaking with my coach we have decided to tackle this marathon training block a little differently. I need to work on my speed endurance, so throughout the next 16 weeks I will be using shorter distance races as a more exciting way to get my speed training in.


A track race is a completely different ball game to a marathon or long distance event. It’s tactical, and fast from the word go! I had no idea who my competition was today, and I didn’t enter the race with any intention of winning, I just wanted to see what my legs could do! I had lots of great advice from more experienced track runners, and my original plan was to just try and stick with the lead pack and hang on for as long as I could! This happened for approximately 3 seconds before they set off at sub 5 minute mile pace!! Rather than getting carried away & trying to keep up, I stuck to my guns and at a pace I thought I would be able to maintain for the next 7 laps.

I finished in 4th position with a time of 10.25 – not too shabby for my first ever race! After wards I headed out for a few easy miles cool down with a team mate, my legs felt so heavy so it definitely did them some good!


Weekly Miles – 30

Gym Sessions – 3


Jordan xx