Me, Myself & I


So I am writing this from a currently sunny (albeit windy) Spain!

I decided to make the most of the Easter holidays and my taper week and book a last minute trip for some sunshine… ON MY OWN!

When I told people I was going away on my own, you could tell they were surprised. And I get it, normally holidays are something you share with either a partner/family or friends. But should it really be seen as sad, or a bit weird to go away on your own? I definitely don’t think so.

If you have been following my training for the London Marathon, you will know that I have been working pretty damn hard over the last 4 months to get to where I am, and to be honest my body, and mind had been calling out for a break. I really wanted to get away, but the thing that kept popping into my head was ‘but I have nobody to go with’ – so I kept putting it off and accepting that it probably wasn’t going to happen.

As you all know, weather wise we pretty much had the WORST March ever – it was freezing, dreary and rainy, and I was seriously getting fed up (along with everyone else!) so I finally thought bugger it, did a search for some cheap flights and BAM, I was going away.. and I only had 8 days to wait!

And do you know what was so nice about it, I didn’t have to worry about ANYONE else. I didn’t have to fit it around dates anyone else could do. I didn’t have to worry about anyone else’s budget. And I didn’t have to worry about what I was going to do whilst I was away and that the other person might be bored/not enjoying themselves.

I knew exactly what I wanted from this trip, and so far (currently on Day 3!) it’s been perfect. I’ve got some lovely early morning runs in, enjoyed a quiet coffee down by the beach every day, had some epic afternoon naps and got stuck into some good books!

So if you’ve ever been in the situation where you want to get away, but not had anyone else to go with, my advice is just GO FOR IT! Yes it might be scary to go somewhere far away on your own, but life is too bloody short, and I actually think it’s really healthy to spend some time by yourself.

I’m already feeling more relaxed, and I know that when I get back on Sunday I’ll be in the best place mentally & physically going into the final week ahead of the marathon. I have already decided that I will be doing the same thing next year, and maybe even this Summer too!


Jordan xxx

3 thoughts on “Me, Myself & I

  1. Sarah Sharp says:

    I went to Egypt for a week on my own once because my husband and I literally could not get the same week off work for months. Everyone thought I was mad but it was the best thing ever. Wouldn’t want to do it all the time, but being able to just look after yourself for a week is sometimes a perfect tonic!
    Enjoy the sun and enjoy the taper you’ve worked so hard for xx

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