Training Diary WC 5/3/18

I get asked on a regular basis about what sort of training I do, so I thought I would share what my average week tends to look like! My running sessions will change on a weekly basis, but I tend to stick to the same gym sessions, and just chop & change when needed to fit into my schedule.

I hope this is useful to some of you, and I will go into more detail in my strength sessions in a post later this week with photos & videos.

Just one final thing – I have been working out like this for a while now, so please please PLEASE don’t all of a sudden add in lots of extra sessions or start doing too much too quickly as you could risk injuring yourself or over training. Start by perhaps adding in one extra session a week and see how you get on!

W/C 5th March 


AM – Rest

PM – 4 Miles (Easy – Average 8.00 min miles)easy 4


AM – Bootcamp – I attend this class every week at my gym as I love it and means I don’t need to think about my workout! The class can vary week to week but always includes a great mix of cardio, strength and core (pretty much the only specific core work I do!) 

PM – 6 Miles

  • Steady
  • Average 6.41 min miles


AM – 9 miles

  • Easy
  • Average 7.25 min miles

9 miles

PM – Gym/Strength Training (Upper Body) For me, being a good runner means having a strong body, which is why I now include one focused upper body strength session per week. I tend to do the same exercises every week, and just adjust weights/sets when needed. I will be doing a post later this week with full workout details.





AM – Gym/Strength Training (Lower Body) I truly believe that adding a weekly leg session to my training plan has made me a stronger runner. I do a variety of exercises using resistance machines, free weights, resistance bands & plyometric body weight exercises. Again, I will do a more detailed post later in the week with full workout details.


PM – Track Intervals –  2 mile warm up, 5 x 800m/400m recovery, 1 mile cool down

800m Splits

  • 2.42
  • 2.45
  • 2.47
  • 2.48
  • 2.46


Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Park Run – including 2 mile warm up & cool down parkrun

  • Park Run Result – 18.57
  • Average Pace 6.06

That felt reaaaaaally tough! It had been a hard week of training off the back of The Big Half and my legs did not like going that quickly! I should have taken this as an easier run, but sometimes we all get a bit carried away! 



Sunday – 15 Miles (5 Steady/5 MP/5 Steady)


During marathon training it is quite common to structure your long runs this way, although this is the first time I actually stuck to my plan and didn’t just go off at any pace (sorry coach!) Mentally it helped as rather then thinking of it as 15 mile run, it was just three 5 mile runs put together (for someone that hates Maths I tend to do a lot of mental maths when running long distances!!) 


Weekly Mileage – 47 miles

Gym Sessions – 3

Jordan xx


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